Life is about changing your perception to face new challenges.


Whether it’s reaching a health goal, connecting deeply with yourself, or undergoing a complete transformation, these challenges define the essence of who we are.


We must align our perception with our intention in order to succeed.


Challenges encourage us to acknowledge personal limitations, explore our strength, and exceed our threshold.


No matter how big or small the task, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


Life doesn’t get easier, we learn to get stronger.


Life is a performance, play your part. We exist for two reasons, to learn and to teach. Smile, laugh, love, every day. Kiss, touch, live beautiful. ~ Yadhira



Unless kickball counts! I grew up playing hide n seek and jail break in my neighborhood churchyard. I also played in the cemetery and climbed fences. I remember jumping off and feeling splinting pain shooting up my legs as I kept running. I loved taking bikes apart just to put them back together. My favorite thing to do was take friends for a ride on the foot pegs of my bike. As I became a teenager my friends and I were obsessed with wearing oversized boy clothes and rocked our own look through high school. I definitely was no girly girl and remain a tomboy till this day. I started working at McDonald’s soon after my 14th birthday and held that job for 4 years.

I became the youngest assisted manager of our area at 16. Was also the first to graduate from college in two generations. I was a rebel and played by my own rules. That also hasn’t changed much. Teehee.

When I wasn’t running around outside, I was inside watching Oprah, my mom’s soaps and scary movies. The Oprah Winfrey Show was about overcoming challenges, spirituality, and having special guests on who supported her vision. I grew up in the inner city, and the information I would take away was incredibly intriguing. I remember understanding her intent and having my own ‘aha’ moments.

I learned to release ideas that were unnatural to me, and laid my own bricks to create a path through life.

Today, I am a proud mama of four boys and I change lives for living. I get to watch my children and clients grow on so many levels. I am also a full-time college student studying Public Health. My journey expands great lengths. I can relate to almost every life challenge known and it is my relatability that connects me to my clients. It is truly a blessing to assist others on their journey and show them how to take control of their dreams and make them reality. My coaching approach mirrors my lifestyle. As I continue to learn balance and daily gratitude, I share my knowledge with those who strive to live the same.

My passion is to guide clients through life obstacles so they can manage, maintain, and own their intention. My purpose is to empower others to recognize and execute their abilities. My goal is to share my journey and spread optimism to those who seek reassurance and self-efficacy to get them through their challenges. We must learn to align our perception with our intention to live and love our best life.


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