Let me just tell you! You know how they say “happy mom, happy home”? Well, of course, that’s
true! But you know what is also true? Organized home, happy mom! I have four boys and a dog,
so my home is pretty chaotic a lot of the time. I have a million tasks running through my mind
at any given moment, and a cluttered home just piles the mental mess even more. I’m pretty
good and getting rid of things about twice a year. There is no hoarding allowed in my house!
But man I tell you what, all’s it takes is a few days without picking up the common areas to start
feeling claustrophobic, mentally as well as physically. It is so important to keep your home in
some kind of order, it helps release the anxiousness about having to keep it under control. It
can also settle down the mind and allow you to become more productive in the day. If you have
a family or others living with you, that’s even better! Assign tasks to everyone! There is no
reason why every person cannot contribute to maintaining the home. Delegate responsibilities
and keep a visible chart up so that everyone remains on the same page. The kids can set timers
on their phones, or keep post-it notes in their room with reminders. Make this new routine
automatic, it will declutter the home and the mind.

Yadhira Maldonado

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